Working diligently for the benefit of all independents and startups

Find out why we have been founded

The Alliancup Association’s has as object and purpose to represent, defend and safeguard the professional, moral and economic, social and legal interests of its members exercising an independent activity or wishing to exercise it or in the form of a Startup.

The association will in particular study all economic and social issues of interest to Independents and Startups already established , recently established or planed to be establish in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as well as the development of the economy and initiative private.


Here is your chance to get reconnected with the economical tissue of Luxembourg and make value your rights.

Latest informations:

Official announcement

Despite this crisis period of the COVID-19, we are glad to announce the launch of a brand new union of independants and startups generated by the involvment of all members of the Facebook Group 'Rescue Independents and Startups'

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PRESS Paperjam -
The Physiotherapist remain without any aid"

Read the interview of Xavier Celli, which explains that ome health professionals find themselves in a critical situation due to the health crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

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PRESS Lëtzebuerger Journal -
The Independants and Startups in a situation of emergency.

Read the interview of Giovanni Patri, our Chairman, in the Leztebuerger Journal where he explains that Luxmebourg will have more unemployed people, less rents that will be paid and therefore if today is the time to manage the health crisis, in a few months it will become a social crisis.

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Gouvernement Announce -
Agreement between the Syndicat and the Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labor and the various Syndicats signed an agreement for to support the partial unemployment payment from 80% to 100% for unqualified minimum wages.

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