About us

Welcome to our ALLIANCUP Association!

It all started from an citizen intitiative by the creation of a Facebook Group "Rescue Independents & Startups" by Giovanni Patri, at the beginning of a historical health crisis COVID-19.

When we started we were approximatevly 500 members but as per the creation of the ALLIANCUP we were more than 5'000 persons representing the major part of the independents and startups of Luxembourg.

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Our history

  • Citizen initiative

    On March, 15 the Facebook Group 'Rescue Indepedents and Startups' has been created. In a couple of hours the group reached over 500 members and all independents or startuppers.

  • Discussion with the Governement

    After one week of trying to express the dispointment of the Indepedents to the Government. Giovanni Patri, our Chairman, reached out to the Ministry of Economy and had a phone conversation with him

  • Unsatisfiyng stabilisation plan from the Government

    The Ministry of Economy and the Minsitry of Finance announced a stabilisation plan, that doesn't take in consideration the situation of the Independents and Startups and proposes only credit solutions, no real aid.

Our goals

Among other things, the association may create and participate in any institution likely to promote the achievement of this goal. It may also affiliate with national and international organizations whose object is the defense of the general and specific interests of its members which are Independents and Startups. It can take legal action to protect professional interests directly or indirectly.

Leadership team

Giovanni PATRI
Marine Schrub
Jennifer Murgia
Alain Massen


Networking Opportunities

Joining a our association provides a new business owner with contact information for other local businesses, speeding up the process of integrating into the community.

Political Representation

Our association allow members to join forces to inform the political world of the economical situation. Even though we do no have specific party affiliation, the political issues that affect business owners are among our concerns.

Social Interactions

ALLIANCUP will hold dinners and events for their members, giving them chances to meet with their peers and enjoy the company of fellow entrepreneurs.


Our Association provides opportunities to meet and engage .

Our association can connect you to future employees – or future employers, future customers, or even future suppliers. ALLIANCUP believes that information management is a vibrant ecosystem that includes end-users, suppliers, consultants, analyst firms, business functions, and government entities. As such, we take every opportunity to facilitate conversations between all of these groups.


Sent us your testimony by clicking below and tell us what the Facebook Group means to you and also our association.


The Management

Sent us your testimony by clicking below and tell us what the Facebook Group means to you and also our association.


The Management